December 2016 | Half Year Report

Snapshot The Alluvium Global Fund (Fund) posted a net return of 17.6% over the six months ended December 20161  . The longer term net returns of the Strategy, in Australian dollars (AUD), as well as some alternatives are shown below:1,  2,  3,  4  Figure [...]

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Musings with mates: process versus outcomes, efficient markets…

Sometimes friends like to discuss the general market conditions. Recently one of my mates commented that things must be great given the prevailing booming market. I concurred, agreeing the Fund was performing well, but I also mentioned I’m not terribly excited by it all, because we tend to [...]

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Our “comfort” test: another reason why we are not “Quant”

We would like to share with you a new item on our investment checklist. We refer to it as our “comfort test” and it is a subjective overlay that provides an “escape clause” from the strict rules that otherwise would stipulate we invest in a company. It [...]

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