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September 2018 | Quarterly Report

Introduction After eight consecutive months of positive performance, the Fund suffered a 5.2% setback in September resulting in a 1.7%1   decline for the quarter. For those keen on numbers, September’s return ranks as the second worst monthly performance since inception of the strategy in January 20152   . Now [...]

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June 2018 | Annual Report

Introduction Welcome to the ‘new-look’ Alluvium Global Fund report. With this updated format we have endeavoured to provide commentary on our investment activities in a more engaging and informative manner for you, our clients. We recognise that each individual investor has preferences for how they like to receive news, [...]

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March 2018 | Quarterly Report

Snapshot The Fund posted a net return of 2.7%1   over the March quarter. This positive result, when most markets (and our positions) fell decidedly in local currency terms2   , illustrates why we embrace currency ‘exposure’. Our dear friend ‘volatility’ is back… but only to more conventional levels. Although [...]

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December 2017 | Half Year Report

Snapshot The Alluvium Global Fund (Fund) posted a net return of 0.8% over the December quarter.1  The strategy has now built up a three year track record. Its annualised total return over that period is 12.1%. This is slightly higher than the return we expect to achieve over [...]

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September 2017 | Quarterly Report

Snapshot The Alluvium Global Fund (Fund) posted a net return of 4.6% over the September quarter.1  An offsetting factor to some strong share price returns was the rising Australian dollar (AUD). Had we held most of our cash in AUD rather than foreign currencies our returns would have [...]

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FAANGs Too Expensive? Consider the WAMITs

Much has been written about the FAANGs - Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (Alphabet)1  . With a combined weighting of almost 5% in the MSCI World Index, and an average return of 43.3% over the year they have largely driven US and global indices2,  3  [...]

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We don’t break rules, we create new ones!

Retailing is hard. The evidence is incontrovertible. In Australia alone, just look back over the last couple of months we have witnessed Herringbone, Rhodes and Beckett, Marcs and David Lawrence brands all being the subject of voluntary administration. Casting our minds back just a little further, [...]

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March 2017 | Quarterly Report

Snapshot The Alluvium Global Fund (Fund) posted a net loss of 1.1% over the March quarter1  . A significant factor was the rising Australian dollar (AUD). The longer term net returns of the Fund, as well as some alternatives are shown below:1,  2,  3,  4  [...]

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