June 2020 | Quarterly Report

Introduction Let’s not beat around the bush: the returns over the quarter were exceptional and unlikely to be duplicated any time soon. But of course, they only partially reverse the exceptionally poor returns of the prior quarter. The Fund posted a return of 20.1% for the EUR class and [...]

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March 2020 | Quarterly Report

Introduction In these troubled times, we hope this finds our readers in good health and good spirits. Lives lost are the first and immediate tragedy, the economic fallout and longer term social and health issues will become increasingly apparent over time. It has certainly prompted our reflection - what’s more [...]

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December 2019 | Quarterly Report

Introduction The Fund posted quite strong returns over the quarter. The Euro share class was up 5.7%, and the newly introduced USD share class was up 9.0% since its inception on 15 October 20191   . The Australian Fund’s 4.4% quarterly return was dampened by the rising AUD. For interested [...]

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September 2019 | Quarterly Report

Introduction The Fund posted a return of 2.8%1   for the quarter, and has been pretty flat since its inception in late January 20192   . The Australian Fund returned 2.4% over the quarter. The longer term performance of the Australian Fund is provided in past quarterly reports, which are [...]

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June 2019 | Quarterly Report

Introduction The Australian Fund posted a modest return of 0.2%1   for the quarter - masking some wild swings such as the 9.0% decline during May. Although too early to comment with conviction, the strongly rebounding prices of many of the holdings in June provides some degree of confirmation [...]

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March 2019 | Quarterly Report

Introduction The Fund returned 4.2%1   for the quarter. Ordinarily, we would happily sign off straight away for similar returns for the next few decades. But ordinarily, the preceding quarter’s returns would not have been so bad. The reality is that the March quarter’s returns are hardly adequate compensation [...]

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December 2018 | Half Year Report

Introduction There was no hiding the carnage on global equity markets over the last few months. Despite our high cash levels and our conservatively priced portfolio, the decline of 11.4%1   was the Fund’s worst quarterly result since inception. Whilst disappointing, this is nevertheless consistent with the range of [...]

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September 2018 | Quarterly Report

Introduction After eight consecutive months of positive performance, the Fund suffered a 5.2% setback in September resulting in a 1.7%1   decline for the quarter. For those keen on numbers, September’s return ranks as the second worst monthly performance since inception of the strategy in January 20152   . Now [...]

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June 2018 | Annual Report

Introduction Welcome to the ‘new-look’ Alluvium Global Fund report. With this updated format we have endeavoured to provide commentary on our investment activities in a more engaging and informative manner for you, our clients. We recognise that each individual investor has preferences for how they like to receive news, [...]

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March 2018 | Quarterly Report

Snapshot The Fund posted a net return of 2.7%1   over the March quarter. This positive result, when most markets (and our positions) fell decidedly in local currency terms2   , illustrates why we embrace currency ‘exposure’. Our dear friend ‘volatility’ is back… but only to more conventional levels. Although [...]

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